Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013 "I'm going to Switzerland"

Hello family!

So. . . I am moving to Switzerland and getting a new companion. . . 

Jk! I am going to be staying in Mont-de-Marsan for another transfer and I will be receiving Elder Wheat. I think he is in his 13th transfer, so I am sure that he is going to have a lot of wisdom :)

Right now I am in Bordeaux waiting for my companion to show up, I have been here all day waiting for his train ha ha. It has been nice though, really relaxed and I have got to spend some time with the other missionaries.

Everyone looks amazing in the pictures! Tell Troy congrats and I hope that all goes well for him. It looks like Bubby had a really awesome time at scout camp and I am glad he returned home in one piece. Tell Caders to keep up the good work. It looks like dad is finally getting some time to enjoy the good out doors! Lucky! Ha ha Caden is so lucky, oh the things I would do to spend some quality time with mom right now, ha ha. I am so glad to hear that all is good at home though, keep being the amazing family that you are! Tell Megan and Ben congrats for me! That is so awesome.

Okay, so this week in Mont-de-Marsan was the same as all the others. We walked around all day and contacted, but, there was a new family that moved into our little branch and it was awesome because we were able to get over and do a lot of service for them and have some dinner with them. I seriously loved it! As much as I love walking around all day and contacting, it was awesome to get a break and do some service.

This next transfer is going to be awesome. Another trial of patience and it is going to be another tough one, but I know that the Lord always provides a way for us to overcome our obstacles. He will help me get through these hard times if I keep working hard and pushing through and I know that all of my trails are molding me for the missionary that I need to become.

All in all though I am really happy! Last week I found this sweet little lake by our apartment with my companion and it seriously looks just like Lilly Lake! I loved it and it helped to wash away all of my little stresses and really relax last P-Day. Hopefully my new companion will be all for going down there too, but we will see.

I love you all so much! Thanks for all you do for me and have a wonderful week!

Elder C. Beyer

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