Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013 "Blair is married"


Ohhhhh my goodness! I cannot believe that Blair is married! That honestly blows my mind. I don't know how I am going to focus on missionary work this week. Now how are we going to go fishing everyday in two years? Huh? Explain that one. . . 
Troy, stay away from girls! But, I think he is really going to like it down there :) And I really like the socks.
That is awesome for Caden and Bubba for football! Hahaha that picture of Caden was hilarious, for a minute there I thought he was wearing a wig. . . nope! Hahaha.

Okay! So this week was really good! Our investigators invited us over for dinner so we had an awesome dinner appointment with them. They are out of town now though so it has been about five days since we have seen them. Everything is still going pretty good, so hopefully we can keep teaching them. Also, another lady that I contact about a month ago that I gave a BOM to agreed to meet us at the church and we had an awesome lesson with her and our branch president so hopefully all keeps going well with that and she will want to learn more!

This week was amazing because we got to go to our zone conference in Bordeaux. It was such a good conference and honestly I left that meeting happier than I have ever been. I had a really good interview with President Roney too and it really boosted my spirits, he explained what he wants me to become during my mission and what he has in store for me, he said to keep doing exactly what I am doing and I will become that missionary. After that conference I got to spend a few nights in Bordeaux on and exchange with Elder Visser. It was awesome! I love Bordeaux! It was really nice to kind of mix things up a little bit and I had a blast with Elder Visser hustling around and talking with EVERYONE!

Another awesome miracle that we saw this week was that we had met one of the less active Tongan family's friend when we first got into M-de-M and walking home the other day we ran into him! He invited us in for drinks and we got to meet his awesome family! They were so cute! Anyways, long story short we were in his neighborhood and decided to pass him really quick to see if we could stop by another night, he was so happy to see us and was like, Yeah! Of course you can, come back on Wednesday! So Wednesday night we have a lesson with him and his family! I am so excited and man to I love Polynesians :)

This week was really tough at times, missions are not easy! But I have learned more in these times of struggle than I could have ever imagined before. The Lord gives us trials so that we can learn, grow, and in the end be even happier so I know that all of these hard times are going to be well worth every second in the end. I love you all so much and hope that you have an amazing week!

Elder Beyer

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