Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2012 "Walking in the Rain"

 Hello family!!!

You all look and sound so so wonderful!!
Ha ha I can't believe that football is already starting, that seriously is so crazy. Good luck! I swear I was just padding up to go out to two a days. . . man does time fly sometimes. That is awesome that you were able to get out to dinner with Jenna! I bet she loved that! You guys are seriously the best parents ever :) Hopefully her knees start feeling better because that is a hard situation for her.

You are so right though! Fall is just around the corner, it is crazy hot here still, but the nights are really nice. There is nothing that beats a night in the fall. I go out at night and write in my journal on the balcony and soak in the amazing nights every night. . . it's not to bad ha ha :)

That is really nice what Kim said, they are such amazing people. I hope she is right, sometimes it feels like a punishment ha ha. But, I know that the Lord is sticking me in the fire right now so that I can become a better missionary, I just hope that I can make it out of the fire before being cremated. . . 

So, this week was probably the hardest week that I have had on my mission. ..So please send your prayers.

This week was also amazing though, there is a group of missionaries in the mission who are the traveling assistants to the president and what they do is travel around and work with all of the other different groups of missionaries. It was awesome because we got to do an exchange with them and they were such stud missionaries! I learned so much and it truly was such a blessing to get to work with them. At the end of that day we had a RDV with one of the members in our branch and because they had a car we were able to get out and see them, we had an awesome lesson with them which I actually gave and then we ate with them. It was so much fun and truly was one of my favorite experiences on my mission.

One thing that happened this week was on the way home it started pouring and I didn't have an umbrella. . . so I walked home in the pouring rain and it was amazing! So refreshing after all of these hot hot days! So, ha ha, by the time I got in I was seriously soaked head to toe but I felt so amazing that I truly didn't care!

About the rugby team, we are really close to them and I really want to go to a game. . . But, they never play on our p-day, so I don't think we are ever going to go. However, we have a few potential investigators on that team and a less active family who needs to be supported so maybe president can make an exception. . . 

Ha ha, anyways, all is great right now. I have basking in the refiners fire this week, but I know it is for a wise purpose! I love you all and miss you very much!

Elder Beyer

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