Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 "France Bound"

I am doing great and seriously I cannot wait to get to France. This week flew by and it is crazy to think that I will be in France next week. My french is not ready, but I can't wait to get there and learn like crazy. That is insane about Becca and all of those mission calls! I seriously cannot believe that, but tell them all congrats for me. If you find out any more about the calls let me know because I am so excited to hear about those.  KG has sent me a few emails and it sounds like he is doing awesome, ah he is so lucky that he got to see Kendal and go on splits with him! On that note I can't believe that Josh left this morning, that seems so crazy to me because I seriously saw him everyday. Okay, I get to host the new missionaries this week so please get a hold of Connor and have him dear elder me so I know what car he will be in and what time he is coming! That way I would be able to pick him up for sure!
Right now I think that I am set for the most part. If anything I could just use some more of those awesome ties like you sent me for my birthday (the skinny ones). Treat wise, I am pretty set as well, I am not going to be able to take very much extra weight with me on the flight because I have soooo many books, so this week we are going to finish off the stack of treats that I have right now ha ha. Thank you for the cinnamon rolls though, my district loved them. I have starting opening my packages in class so that everyone can enjoy the treats that you have been sending :)
I am doing really good though! The language is getting a little bit better, still tough, but it is getting better. I am definitely ready to leave though, although I am going to miss my teachers a ton. They are both fresh RM's and they are seriously amazing. I can't wait to talk you guys soon! One more week! Keep being the awesome family that you are! I love you all so much!
Love Elder C. Beyer

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